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Classic Marketing

Classic and digital marketing in combination – with our new offer: Visual Merchandising 2.0

Yes, it is indeed a digital world, but our classic marketing services are not old school whatsoever and still the best marketing is a mix out of both worlds.

But you need to know how to mix the available tools alltogether, in order to get a perfectly executed marketing campaign.

Don`t underestimate the power of a good old offline campaign. Especially when these are used in combination with digital strategies.

Wolfram Bekker

WMHB actually started as an agency for classic marketing services, specialized on exclusive store design 17 years ago. Today our service portfolio is a lot bigger and a lot more digital, but we´ nerver forgot what brought us here and still belive our classic services are up to date.

Our main focus still remains on one thing – and that is generating success now and in the future.

In order to do so we will help you combine all the available online and offline options to create an optimized marketingmix.

Let“ s connect the online and offline world now!

What we do best?

+ store design

+ PR services

+ offline campaigns

+ Visual Merchandising

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