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Publishing was dominated by print products for a long time – and still is. But it is almost certain that huge changes are coming and that they will most likely affect how we understand the art of publishing fundamentally.

So, in order to deal with the inevitable, you have to understand it properly or how our Head of Innovation puts it:

The future of publishing will be digital. You have to realize it and take advantage of it now.

Scott Bekker

Digital publishing

Our publishing services are almost exclusively focused on the digital way, because we ´are convinced that the future is digital and we can not afford to waste time on something like print products, which is most likely to vanish even further in the future – and neither can you.

In order to be a successfull part of the future we must understand it and try to be ahead of our competition.

That is why we launched our favorite way of modern publishing two years ago – e-magazines.


An e-magazines is the most unique and modern form of digital publishing, as it combines the known features of print magazines with all the possibilites the tech world offers us.

E-Magazines can be used to replace print in all imaginable ways – they can be used as a real magazine, as a catalog or as an event magazine for example.

The Advantages:

+ enviromentally friendly

+ no postage

+ use videos, galleries and much more

+ cheaper than print

+ generate valuable Leads

+ modern & cool

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